Here on Tiree, along with the rest of the world, we are presented with circumstances that have turned everything upsidedown in the matter a few short weeks. For many of us this has evoked feelings of fear and disorientation.  The isolation that we are being invited to maintain, goes against the grain of our instinct to pull together.  However, there are ways to contribute to the overall welfare of everyone who is living on Tiree without having to leave your house, or even your chair, and this project is an invitation to join a group effort to bring wellbeing and calm to our experience of the Covid 19 pandemic here on Tiree.


Operation Meditation Tiree is a project to establish a core group of individuals to meditate daily for the duration of the lockdown.  There is research evidence that meditation has beneficial effects on individual health and wellbeing, for example, Rudolph Tanzi found that regular meditation enhances the individual’s immune system.  There are numerous examples of these phenomena in the research literature and it has become established as a technique to promote personal health.  There is another aspect to the impact of meditation that is less well known amongst the general public that is known as the Maharishi effect.  This refers to the benefit that the extended community experiences when a core group engages in regular meditation.  This has been verified through numerous studies across the world.  One long-term study, for example, demonstrated a significant reduction in crime in the Merseyside area between 1978 and 1991 when a core group engaged in daily meditation, saving the taxpayer £1250 million. 

The Covid 19 pandemic presents a unique opportunity to find out whether the wider community on Tiree could be benefited by a percentage of the population engaging in daily meditation. The more participants the more significant the impact.

Operation Meditation Tiree begins on 08.04.2020.  To participate, simply engage in the loving kindness meditation each day.  The recording can be downloaded here, or it can be accessed on the homepage each morning at 0800 hrs (GMT+1) where it's supplemented with a daily thought that includes reflections on current events and readings from poetry and sacred texts.   

No knowledge or experience of meditation is necessary.  No belief in any particular spiritual tradition is necessary.  The only commitment is 20 minutes a day to tune in and follow a guided meditation.  The guided meditation takes the form of a Loving Kindness meditation that invites love for ourselves, our neighbours and all living beings.

You are also invited to become part of the Operation Meditation Tiree online community.  This enables you to access the Members Only pages of this site where we can share events and encourage each other.  There is also a bi-monthly newsletter.

If you need support in your meditation practice, use the community boards, get in touch with me or book a Deep Listening session.

Let’s become the peace and calm we want to see in our community!